Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"So what is an ASD?"

First and foremost I guess I should tell you what I am doing here.  What is an ASD anyway?  The Mission Statement for the Assembly of Student Delegates reads, “The mission of the [ASD] is to support student members of AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) by communicating their interests and advancing their professional contributions.  This Assembly upholds the AOTA mission, promotes Association membership, and provides a forum for the development of student leadership and political awareness to enhance the viability of the profession.”

So are you more confused now?  In other words an ASD acts as a liaison between their Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) at their College/University and the ASD Steering Committee.  All members of the ASD Steering Committee serve as the student members on many of the AOTA’s decision making bodies. So we (ASDs) are the way that the big guys making all the decisions get your (student) input.  

As an ASD my goal is to get provide you with more information to enhance your awareness of and become more involved in your profession’s organization, so that you can have the career you dream of in all of those 4 hour long classes.

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